Christmas Wax Melts


Christmas wax melts. Winter melts. Vegan eco friendly soy wax melts. scented soy wax melts for oil burners. Made in Wales

Carefully selected natural smelling scents have been combined with soy wax to create fantastic smelling wax melts. each melts can be unwrapped, cut up and used approximately four to five times.

Simply place on top of an oil burner for a beautifully smelling home.

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Christmas Wax Melts

Aeron Gaeaf Melt, Candy Cane Melt, Cansen Siwgr Melt, Castannau Llawen Melt, Christmas Eve Melt, Clementine Spice Melt, Dan yr uchelwydd Melt, Diwrnod Eira Melt, Festive Chestnut Melt, Noswyl Nadolig Melt, Sbeis Clementin Melt, Snow Day Melt, Spiced Apple Strudel Melt, Under the mistletoe Melt, Winter Berry Melt


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