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This ceramic pot can do it all, earning the nickname of ‘The Dish’. The versatile handmade pottery started out as a planter pot for your leafy friends, but we soon realised that it’s just the right size and shape for a cheeky bowl of mac and cheese or your morning porridge. Let us know how you end up using The Dish!

Size: 13cm wide x 7.5cm high

These little handmade ceramic planter pots are constructed using stoneware clay – the good stuff, which Glosters sourced specifically for its strength and durability. Finished in seven food-safe glazes that also come from their UK supplier, you can also pop these babies in the dishwasher, in the oven up to 200 degrees celcius, or in the microwave – only if you’re using it for food, please don’t microwave your plants.

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