Warm Balm


For tight muscle relief – An aromatically warm and spicy soft balm to help loosen and relax tight and knotted muscles. All the eight ingredients are key elements…

Mango Butter, a wonderful natural butter used to soften and smooth skin.
Chia Seed Oil, a UK crop grown and pressed seed oil and one of the richest natural sources for Omega 3 to enrich, protect and moisturize the skin.
Calendula Oil, a skin soothing and healing oil.
Rice Bran Wax, a natural and non-sticky wax taken from virgin rice bran oil that works as a barrier preventing skin dehydration.
Ginger Essential Oil, has a warming effect which helps to loosen tight muscles and aching joints.
Black Pepper Essential Oil, helps ease the pain of taut and cramped muscles and joints.
Cardamom Oil, helps to soothe away muscle soreness.
Tocopherol, highly concentrated vitamin e oil.

Scoop some from the tin, soften between your fingers then gently massage into tight muscles and joints where needed. Wash hands after use and avoid the eyes.

Store in a cool place.
Keep out of reach of children.
Not for use on broken skin.


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